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Vanessa Coffey Intimacy Coordinator


Vanessa was so great to work with. She was very specific to our individual needs and it made the whole process much more free as we knew the boundaries within which to play and create the scene. It was a really great experience.

Hannah van der Westhuysen

Vanessa was fantastic to work with. She helped me and the cast openly discuss all the intimate scenes we were filming and relate the actions back to the characters and script. This made it easier for the actors to feel comfortable with what they were doing and ensured that these scenes were relevant to their characters at that point in the story. She helped us accurately choreograph the more detailed scenes and made sure everyone had the right costumes and garments. She ensured that every performer always felt safe, both in rehearsal and on set which further enhanced the final performances the actors gave. Her presence took away a lot of stress for everyone involved.

Kate Cheeseman, Director

Working with Vanessa was my first experience of working with an intimacy coordinator, and what a wonderful learning experience it was!

Through pre-production and production, Vanessa worked closely with the director, myself and the actors to understand the scene in question and develop a specific choreography that ensured everyone felt safe and comfortable while still telling a beautiful and intimate story.

Vanessa was sensitive to all our needs and did a fantastic job of explaining her processes to everyone involved. We couldn’t be happier with the intimate scene that we produced thanks to all of Vanessa’s nuanced and wonderfully creative work. We cannot wait to work with her again!

Bjorn Hanson, Producer

I feel very lucky to have worked with Vanessa, who not only makes you feel at ease and comfortable, but truly understands the vulnerability an actor goes through when trying to capture these intimate and/or abusive moments. A professional to the highest degree.

Anna Russell-Martin, Actor

Vanessa is a brilliant presence on any set and makes, what can be an awkward intimate moment seem as relaxed, calm and simple as possible. A great ability to build confidence of cast and crew and excellent before and aftercare.

Adam Pursey, Production Coordinator